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William 'Bill' Griffiths, Leicester UK  

  • Rehtori, mentoroinut 67 rehtoria ja koulua

Bill has been a headteacher for 26 years and worked in some challenging situations. He started teaching lower secondary in 1984 in Oxford, moved to London as head of PE and English before moving to Leicester in 1990. He moved to primary education and became a teacher trainer before starting headship in 1993. In 2011 he was recognized as a National Leader of Education.

He has experienced school arson, vandalism and terrible student behaviour and motivation, a school budget deficit, making people redundant and taking over a crisis school. However, each situation has been challenge to resolve with optimism, creativity and good humour. With a belief in the potential of all young people, teachers and school communities to do better and be happier, he is now committed to helping others find their own solutions.



Timo Kultanen, Naantali  

  • Filosofian tohtori
  • strategiatyön, johtamisen, organisaation ja liiketoiminnan kehittämisen neuvonantaja
  • johtamisen psykologian asiantuntija ja
  • Suomen Psykologiliiton sertifioima henkilöarvioija

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